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DeerPickup.com - What Are We Doing Here?

Overview | (top)

Although Deer-Vehicle collisions happen more than we would like, removing the unsightly health hazard from the roadway just became easier. Picking up deer carcasses on the road is a task that someone has to do; doing it so that the process is efficient and reliable is the service we provide. Removal requests are usually completed in 24 hours or less. With 5 years experience removing deer carcasses from the northern region of New Jersey we are uniquely equipped to accomplish your requests.

Registered users can log in to this site and request a deer removal and track that request until it is actually picked up. Each removal is recorded in our central database along with the the time the removal was made and other information as needed by the customer. The removals are then taken to a licensed sanitary landfill for disposal. We are licensed by the State of New Jersey to pickup and dispose of deer carcasses and are fully insured. Customers are supplied with a complete and accurate listing of all removals listed by date and time along with the street name and town. Other forms of data output are also available. Please contact us for information on becoming a registered user.

Data Collection| (top)

Installing any type of system to reduce deer-vehicle collisions is expensive. So, to ensure the desired area is selected, data analysis is needed to specify where most of the collisions are occurring. While police reports are good, some of the deer-vehicle collisions are not reported to the police and the location of the collision is not normally given in latitude and longitude. A system operated by the vendors who remove the deer carcasses from the highway which would give an exact location in latitude and longitude, would allow for very accurate collision data collection.

We have developed an open-source application, freely available for download, which runs on an inexpensive laptop in the vehicle used for carcass removals. It records the current latitude and longitude of the removal along with other attributes; sex, weight, antlers, etc. This information is stored on the laptop and, if the laptop is equipped with a wireless internet card, forwarded to the Deerpickup.com website for storage in our database. The application can send the data to any website prepared for this type of data collection. The datafile can also be emailed or downloaded to the website when the field agent has finished the shift and an internet connection is available.

Data collected in this manner can be retrieved by authorized personnel in any form required. The data, with latitude and longitude values, can be plotted on any mapping program for a visual display of where the removals are taking place. Other types of analysis can be done using the same data.

DeerPickup.com can support all data collection needs or we could assist your organization in setting up a process to gather data from carcass removals for yourselves. We have been collecting data in New Jersey for five years using a few different systems. We stand ready to assist you in your data collection needs. Please contact us to discuss how we can work together to better gather and maintain this critical data.

Latest News

A letter to the Mayors of New Jersey Townships regarding state pickup of deer carcasses.

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